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Need a Narrator? Book a Professional!

When it comes to audiobook production, it’s very common for authors, print publishers and other professionals to make a potentially very costly error by not hiring a professional narrator. They may think they can record their own book, or go with a friend or relative with a “good voice”- or simply hire the talent with the lowest bid, thinking this will save money in the long run. But what actually happens more often than not is they have to deal with poor quality, delays and many errors requiring yet more work!

Why a Pro?

Make no mistake, audiobook narration is not easy- it’s an art and a craft that requires years of hard work to master. It takes about four hours of work for every final hour of audio in your book- so that 8 hour book takes about a week’s work, sometimes involving multiple people, to produce. When you’re turning your words over to someone to make into audio, you want a professional. You want someone who brings not only great storytelling, but total mastery of how audiobooks are made and can guide you through that process.

Corey Snow in a black suit coat with a tie and a hat.

Corey Snow, Narrator

Corey Snow is a professional audiobook narrator and producer with years of experience and dozens of audiobooks to his credit. As both a narrator and producer, he’s a consummate professional and will work closely with you to make sure your book is the best it can possibly be.

Book Corey Now!

Contact Corey by email at corey@voxman.net or by telephone at (360) 701-8569. See Corey’s main website at VoxMan.net for more demos and information!