Voice Blog Episode Two

Episode Two, for your review. By the way, I’m sorry about the player looking that way, it refuses to resize to a reasonable size.

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2 Responses to “Voice Blog Episode Two”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Your second take reading in a woman’s voice was much improved from the first! Your instincts about not focusing on a higher pitch, but instead on other means of imparting a more feminine sound, are right on. It might be useful to come up with a list of adjectives that could describe a feminine sound, such as soft, fluid, breathy, slender, airy, etc. Obviously, not all of the adjectives on your list will apply to every female character, but one of two will be enough to give you a jumping off point to create the character and give the listener an impression of her essence. To help with developing your list of adjectives, you may find it useful to keep a conscious listening notebook. It’s an exercise I’m going to start myself. Just listen to someone, anyone, talking about anything, and jot down their name, approximate age, the subject they’re speaking on, and five adjectives or metaphors that you feel describe their sound. I think it’s best to chose “real people,” rather than announcers, for this exercise. And don’t worry about being right or wrong with your descriptive words. It doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone else but you. If someone’s voice sounds purple to you, write that down. Because truly, what you’re thinking about, the images in your head will make an audible difference to the listener. That’s why it’s as important for us to practice listening as well as practice talking and reading.
    This is fun, Corey. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Carrie Says:

    And you’re right. Our group is like a Writers’ Circle. Maybe we should call it VoiceOver Artists’ Circle?