Listen to Corey

If you’re interested in more demos of Corey’s work, this is the right place! You can also download all of the files here, either individually or as a single archive.

Individual Demos and Samples

Note: With the exception of the commercial demo reel, every recording here was done in Corey’s personal studio.


Thunder Below! (Nonfiction- History) Play   Download MP3
Kali's Tale(Fiction- Urban Fantasy with Dialogue) Play   Download MP3
Punk Rock Blitzkrieg(Nonfiction- Biography) Play   Download MP3
One Eyed Jack(Fiction- 1st Person Female POV) Play   Download MP3
1940(Nonfiction- US History) Play   Download MP3
None Braver(Nonfiction- Military History) Play   Download MP3
Black Hearts(Nonfiction- Military History) Play   Download MP3
If Wishes Were Horses(Fiction- Dialogue) Play   Download MP3
Faitheist(Nonfiction- Biography) Play   Download MP3
Crescent Lake(Fiction- Horror) Play   Download MP3

Download all Audiobook Demos in a single ZIP archive

Explainer Videos

Corey has the perfect, natural sound for your explainer videos.

Explainer Demo Play   Download MP3


Below are several videos that Corey has narrated for various clients.


Corey Snow Commercial Demo Play   Download MP3


Medical One Play   Download MP3
Medical Two Play   Download MP3

Download all medical demos in a single ZIP archive

Note: Some music used in the above demos is courtesy of