Voice Blog Episode 12

Tuesday is audiobooks, so for today’s piece, I chose a passage from Dzur by Steven Brust (part of a really fun series, by the way. You should read them).

Earlier tonight I was cleaning up the catboxes in the garage and practicing character voices as I did so. The more I get into the voice acting craft, the more I think I run the risk of being seen as a lunatic mumbling and gesturing to himself all the time. When I came back into the house, I was trying on a “Loiosh” voice for size. Loiosh is a character in Dzur who is a small reptile familiar to the main character. He needs to sound reptilian and sort of nasty, but in a good way- I think of him as being kind of like a character from Goodfellas or maybe The Godfather. Nasty sense of humor, reptilian, but, you know- loyal.

Anyway, I was coming back into the house saying various lines in the voice I was trying out for him, and my wife gave me The Look. If you do voice work, you’ve probably gotten it yourself once or twice. I told her “It might be a good idea to get used to me saying odd things in strange voices, because I need the practice.”

Anyway, enjoy Episode 12!

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