Voice Blog 18- A Departure

For this voice blog I did something that is at least an interesting experiment. I recorded myself with my iPad reading a chapter of Dzur to my son. We do a nightly storytime and Brust’s novels are currently on the menu; he’s been absolutely loving Vladimir Taltos and his reptilian friend Loiosh. Frequently I get to the end of a chapter and he asks “Can we continue? Please?!”

This recording is pretty raw; it was done with the iPad sitting on my lap as I was sitting in a rocking chair reading to him. You can also hear a question or two from Alex, some stumbles and even a sneeze from me. Very un-polished. It’s also longer than my usual fare, about 30 minutes.

The reason I’m using this as a voice blog entry is to provide an insight into how I read longer-form fiction and an opportunity for any critique of the voices, characters, etc. I would probably have used slightly different voices for one of the characters- Domm- if I had read the end of the chapter where his voice is described more clearly, but that’s a consequence of essentially reading it “cold”. I’m actually quite proud of my ability to take a book or long-form piece and read it with no practice. I am very good at cold reads which is a skill I have cultivated deliberately.

Your feedback, of course is always welcome and desired!

2 Responses to “Voice Blog 18- A Departure”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Argh! I just wrote the most clever and helpful feedback EVER (lol) and then forgot to add my name and email and ended up back at fb, and now it’s all gone 🙁 I’ll try to re-create it for you tomorrow, or later today, I should say.

  2. Cyclometh Says:

    I hate it when that happens! 🙂