Voice Blog Episode 20

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m back in the swing of things and glad to be doing the voice blog again. I was extremely busy over the holidays and had a lot going on in my “real job”, but I have done my utmost to continue my practice and develop my craft.

In tonight’s episode I talk a bit about the upcoming Voice Actor’s Circle meeting this month; I’m really amped about that, and you’ll hear more about it both before and after. I also discuss Ted “The Golden Voice” Williams- the homeless gentleman who has become an overnight sensation due to his excellent radio voice.

Ted Williams, Before and After

Ted Williams, the man with the "Golden Voice"

What I have to say is not very positive, though. Ted’s story, while inspirational, does a disservice to voice acting and voiceover work in general by making it look as though the only requirement to be a success in the business is a “good voice”, which is total bull. It’s a damn hard business to be in and a seriously difficult one to be successful at- it requires a lot of hard work, a pragmatic outlook and a real willingness to REALLY devote yourself to both the craft and the art of voice work.

I know a lot of other VOs are sort of nauseated by the media coverage of this guy, and I’m worried that this whole thing will simply destroy him. I hope not, but we’ll certainly see.

Anyway, give it a listen and tell me if you agree or not. I’m always interested in hearing your opinion on the matter.

7 Responses to “Voice Blog Episode 20”

  1. Colton Says:

    Ha, Ted Williams. Just publicity. 😀

  2. Allen Parker Says:

    Very interesting Corey. At first I was wondering where you were going to go but as I listened I have to agree with you even though I know nothing about the VO world. I think Ted has a good radio voice, and obviously he was good since he held a DJ job at one time. Like you I hope this fame doesn’t lead him back down the destructive path. I think that many people, as you said, don’t know the difference between radio and voice acting/voice over work. I am sure there are a lot of differences. I wish you luck in your journey. I will keep a look out for all future vlogs:) Ok, enough of my ramblings…

  3. Cyclometh Says:

    Allen, Colton- thanks for your feedback. Glad you’re here to check out the blog! 😀

  4. Ralph Says:

    I justed listened to your blog and let me apologize in advance if I’m off the mark. It sounds like you would be very happy if Mr. Williams failed miserably.

  5. Cyclometh Says:

    Ralph, that’s certainly not what I wanted to convey. I hope he does well at whatever he sets out to.

    What annoys me is the way his story is presented devalues a lot of other people’s really hard work.

    As another friend of mine said, America loves a Cinderella story. I wish him nothing but the best, in all honesty; I just don’t like how the media has made it look like the world of VO is easy or that all you need is a good voice. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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  7. D Voice Says:

    While many people in the VO community were seeing this as a great thing, I agree completely with just about everything you said regarding this Ted Williams story (as opposed to the old Ted Williams Story).
    He’s getting VO work now because:
    a) he has good pipes, (yet not so much reading ability)
    b) he is a temporary celebrity
    This is the equivalent of another Hollywood actor moving in and taking another VO job. Not such good news for those whose primary work is voiceovers, and, as you say, perpetuates the myth that VO work is easy money that anyone can do easily.