Character Studies

Had a good idea this morning, and plan to put it into action shortly. Character studies!

See, I’ve had a challenge with my audiobook demos and work. I can do male voices passingly well, and can narrate like nobody’s business. However, my female characters really need some work, and I also want to be able to have a “stable” of character voices I can implement on demand.

With that in mind, I’m going to spend part of this afternoon behind the mic recording the same piece of copy in various character voices, working on getting each one consistent, different and (the hard bit, I think) believable.

I’ll see about putting up some excerpts, and I’m looking forward to the exercise.

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2 Responses to “Character Studies”

  1. J. Christopher Dunn Says:

    How did the character voice workout go? It’d be super cool to hear what you came up with. Become one with your woman side! 😉

  2. Cyclometh Says:

    Hey there JCD- I was unable that day to complete anything as I found I was suffering from a cold and pretty much lost my voice. I’ve been doing a TON of character work for this audiobook, and having a great time with it.

    I need to get my voiceblog rolling again, so maybe some character studies are in order there!