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Heart of a Dragon published!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

My first major audio book work, Heart of a Dragon, was just released by Crossroad Press today. I’m very excited about it, as you can imagine! I wrote up a blog post on my commercial site.

As a first step this was a huge one for me and I can’t even describe how pleased I am about it. Some have said that audiobooks are a lot of work, and they’re right (boy, are they ever right). But it’s very rewarding to see it get published and now I’m looking forward to the next one!

My personal thanks to Jeffrey Kafer, the producer and all around good guy behind Springbrook Audio and David Niall Wilson, the author of Heart of a Dragon and another all around good guy. Both were patient and very supportive of a guy who was feeling his way around some of this stuff- without them I wouldn’t have gotten it done, nor would I be so ready to take on the next one!

Audiobook: The Heart of a Dragon by David Niall Wilson

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

I’m pleased that I was recently tapped to do the audiobook version of David Niall Wilson’s book Heart of a Dragon, by Crossroad Press. It’s an urban fantasy with some horror elements and a great read. I’m really enjoying doing the audio version of it.

As I told David when I first read it I was surprised I hadn’t seen any of his work before now (an error I intend to rectify, by the way!) as I’m a major fan of urban fantasy and gothic horror. I even produced a horror stage play back in 1999, which is not something everyone can say!

I’ll post more updates once the audiobook version is getting closer to completion- in the meantime, read the ebook version! 🙂