COVID-19 Quarantine Storytime

Hi folks! It seems that most of the world is going crazy right now over the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Many of us are self-isolating, or under quarantine, or practicing social distancing, to help limit the spread of the pandemic.

But many of us are stuck in our homes or have limited opportunities for entertainment- or what we have is getting old.

To offer a little bit of light diversionary entertainment, Corey has been reading short fiction via live stream to anyone who wants to hear it. This page is to give you updates to the schedule of streams and provide links to them when they go live, as well as let you know what’s going to be read.

Next Live Stream

Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 6 PM Pacific time, 9 PM Eastern

What’s Going to be Read?

Corey will read further selections from Letters from the Earth, by American humorist Mark Twain.

You can watch the stream on Twitch ( or follow me on my YouTube channel to watch it there.

Direct links will be posted to the stream here and on Twitter (@vox_man) prior to the stream going live. Hope you can make it!