Got a question? Great, here’s the usual suspects- if you don’t find your question aswered here, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

Where are you located?

I’m in Olympia, Washington, reasonably close to Seattle and Tacoma.

How quickly can you turn around a job?

The turnaround for any job is of course highly variable. If your job is an audiobook or some type of long-form narration, it will be time consuming to produce, but for most commercial and short-duration spots I can provide audio within 12-24 hours for self-produced work.

What’s your policy on retakes, punchins, etc?

Your satisfaction is paramount to me. I’m happy to re-record your copy if you want a different take or approach. In the event you want a different take, emphasis or interpretation of your copy, you will get what you want. I want you to be a repeat customer, and you will find that I’m quite easy to work with. Any reasonable request is unlikely to be refused.

Can you do fully-produced spots with music beds and effects?

The short answer is “probably not”, but the longer answer is “maybe, depending on what you need”. I have only a limited selection of royalty-free music and while I am happy to use what I have in your project if you feel it would work for you, for many projects you may be better served by simply using my raw voice tracks and working with a professional producer.

I do have relationships with several professional producers, so if you are looking for that kind of assistance I can provide you with some referrals. I don’t get paid for sending people to anyone, so rest assured that if I recommend someone to you it’s because I really think they can do the job.

If you have music or effects you want incorporated into a project and can provide those to me, I can certainly do the work of mixing and editing the final product- such services will of course entail an additional (very reasonable) fee.

What equipment and environment do you use?

I work out of a small home studio, which is acoustically treated, although I’m happy to travel for studio sessions in the area. I use a large-diaphraghm condenser microphone with a MicPort Pro. For my editing and mixing I use Cubase.

Can you do a phone patch?

Yes- I can do phone patch via regular telephone or Skype.

Can you do ISDN?

I don’t have ISDN equipment in my studio at this time. If you need an ISDN session, I can book time in a studio, which cost will be passed on in my fee.

Do you require payment in advance?

In general, no. I do reserve the right to request an an advance deposit of up to 50% of the fee for any project.

I currently accept PayPal, check or money order.

 How do you send invoices?

I can send you an invoice via email, fax, paypal, or postal mail.