Back to School

Well, in a manner of speaking. I’ve started taking a class called “Intro to Voice Over” in Seattle. It’s taught by Scott Burns, a local radio and voiceover talent. He and I met a while back and I ruminated over possible directions to take.

In  the end I decided to go with the class and once that is completed will probably work with Scott on putting together a demo reel and also see about followup classes.

The class is a weekly thing and I’ve only attended one, but it was very interesting. I thought I’d have a hard time learning a craft like voiceover in a group setting- I mean, how much can you learn from watching someone else at the mic, while waiting your turn?

Turns out, a huge amount. Just watching people and listening to their sessions gave me some real insight, which I didn’t expect. My time behind the mic was also fun. As an aside, I’d never spoken into a five thousand dollar microphone. It sounds every bit as good as you might think.

I need to ask if I can bring my own headphones next time- “cans” in the jargon. The ones they had were kind of uncomfortable for me.

The group is 8 people, a mix of men and women and various ages/backgrounds. Some highly talented people in that crowd, too. I found myself thinking competively, which isn’t the purpose of the class, but I think is healthy in the larger context- consider that voiceover is a competitive field and feeling like the efforts of others will spur me to better my performance can’t help but be good.

4 Responses to “Back to School”

  1. Aimee Says:

    That is fantastic, Corey! I have no doubt this class is going to give you the extra edge you need to continue towards your goal.

  2. Cyclometh Says:

    Thanks, Aimee!

  3. Roxanna Groves Says:

    Isn’t it fun taking an amazing class that moves you forward in what you really want to do? My parallel is the metalsmithing I’m in the middle of. Go Corey!

  4. An Actual, Paying Gig – The Voice of Cyclometh Says:

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