An Actual, Paying Gig

I was quite surprised a few days ago to get a proposition via Voice123 to voice a small web ad. It’s not huge amounts of money and it’s only 10 words, but it’s actual, paying work! This officially marks my entry into the world of pro voice acting, in the sense that “pro”==”getting paid”. I’m quite chuffed about it.

In other news, I had my second iteration of the VO class I mentioned last week, and it went very well again. It’s interesting to watch the people in the class and hear their delivery morph even as you watch and listen into something better. I don’t think everyone in that class will end up being a pro voice artist, but there are a few seriously talented people in it. I think I’m in that category, but it’s very difficult to judge your own performance.

I sent off the tracks to the studio for the paying job last night and once it goes “live” (assuming they like what I sent) with the ad, I’ll see if I can provide a link to it from here.

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