A Red Letter Day

Today, even though I have a fever and feel like 5 miles of bad road, is a great day. I’m moving ahead with getting a professional demo reel cut and as part of that elected to get a professional copywriter to write me some custom scripts for my reel.

As many VOs will tell you, your demo reel is your business card, it’s your hook for your potential clients. A bad one, or even just an average one, will hurt you- which is why I pulled the self-produced demos I did a while back from this very site.

There’s 3 major components to your demo reel: Your voice, the production, and the script. I have the voice, I’ve hired a producer to put it together, and then I was faced with trying to figure out the script. I considered pulling some from real radio or magazine ads, then rewriting them- that was marginally useful but when I was honest with myself I realized I simply am not that good a copywriter.

My demo reel producer recently put me in touch with a professional copywriter to get custom scripts for my reel written. After reviewing his samples and some of his other work, I was quickly sold- the quality for the price was far better than I could do myself and I have no trouble knowing when to buy something I can’t do easily on my own.

The reason today is a great day is because I’ll be speaking with the copywriter and drafting the script list and after seeing the samples he sent I’m looking forward to the copy he comes up with for my reel.

The next big step will be to actually get the reel produced. I’m very excited that things are moving forward!

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