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Greetings, programs! OK, Tron reference out of the way. Bob Souer recently updated his blogroll and has shamed me into remembering that not only did he link my blog from his, I have not updated my blogroll in some time, so I’m taking steps to rectify that!

I’m going to make this a regular thing. There’s a lot of blogs I read and I’ll share them with you as I find them. It’s actually pretty neat how many voice-related blogs are out there and how many people are really avid about sharing good advice.

The new additions

Bob Souer’s blog, entitled The Voiceover Boblog, is always a fun read. Bob’s been doing this business for a REALLY long time and it shows. Wise, witty and down to earth, Bob’s blog is something every VO artist should have in their feedlist.

Dan Friedman has a blog over at in which he comments about the VO industry from the perspective of an audio engineer- although he’s also a voice talent in his own right. He’s also the author of a book getting a lot of attention in the VO world called Sound Advice – The Book.

Bobbin Beam has a blog. Alliteration for the win. Bobbin is a fount of information about VO and consistently finds interesting stuff to read, and lots of great advice for both the aspiring and established voice actor.

George Washington III has a blog called eVOlutionary steps which is insightful, thoughtful and very content-rich. Nice long entries you can read with a cup of coffee and get some good information out of.

Mercedes Rose is quite possibly the most positive person I have ever met. She has a great blog full of no-nonsense advice for the stage, screen and voice actor. With her take no prisoners approach and frank delivery, you’ll always find something useful there.

Stay tuned for more great blogs!

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