FaffCon 3 is coming up!

FaffCon 3

If you’re a professional voice artist and haven’t heard of FaffCon, I’m pleased to tell you about it. FaffCon is the voiceover UNConference, where professional voice artists get together and share their insight, experience and knowledge. I was really hoping to attend FaffCon 2 in Atlanta but sadly couldn’t make it- I was seriously unhappy about that.

What’s it all about, you ask? Well, it’s about sharing knowledge with your peers in an environment that assumes the group knows more than all the individuals added together. There’s no set agenda; the unconference attendees decide what they’re going to discuss, what topics will be on the agenda and everyone participates– talking heads are expressly discouraged! You won’t be sitting in a stuffy room trying to pry your eyes open while a small panel sits up front and one or two people in the audience dominate the discussion.

I’ve never attended a FaffCon before, but I have had the privilege of working closely with the brain trust behind it, Amy Snively. I’ve also heard from many other professional voice artists that it’s a truly amazing experience.

In Their Words

Don’t take it from me! Here’s what other voice actors have to say:

And that’s just the first few on a quick search for the word “FaffCon”. It seems that the jury is in on FaffCon and the verdict is AWESOME AS CHARGED, Your Honor.

My Connection

One reason I’m so excited about FaffCon 3 is that I’ve been in the unique and very exciting position of creating the new FaffCon website, including custom development of a WordPress theme (yes, the site is built on WordPress!) and adding tools to the site to allow Amy Snively to keep her sanity- the amount of work that goes into FaffCon is truly astonishing and I’m incredibly pleased to be able to help out in even a small way with that effort. Given that I’m a relative newcomer to the voice acting business, I’m amazingly happy to be able to contribute in a solid way by bringing my technical skills to the table.

However, I can’t give Amy enough credit for the long hours and amazing effort she puts in to make this UNConference a reality. She is truly the heart and soul of FaffCon and there aren’t enough great things to say about her herculean effort to make FaffCon a great experience.

I’m more amped about attending than I have been about anything in quite some time!

Connect With FaffCon

You can find FaffCon on the web, via Twitter at @FaffCon, on Facebook and on Google+ as Faffy T. Dolphin.  Although FaffCon 3 is sold out, FaffCon 4 will be equally amazing, I’m certain!


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