So, You Want To Be A Voice Actor?

Kicking off a new video series, I have some commentary on what it takes to be a voice actor.


7 Responses to “So, You Want To Be A Voice Actor?”

  1. Monk Says:

    Flog? Well done sir!

  2. VoxMan Says:

    Thank you kindly, Mr. Monk. 😉

  3. Advice for those just getting started » The Voiceover Boblog Says:

    […] for anyone just getting started in voiceover. If that’s you, Corey’s video blog post So, You Want To Be A Voice Actor is well worth a few minutes of your […]

  4. Jodi Krangle Says:

    Awesome, Corey! Great stuff – and a really good introduction for folks starting out. I look forward to seeing the next videos! 🙂

  5. Lisa Rice Says:

    Great, honest advice, Corey. Another resource I can reccomend to send those asking me the same questions.

  6. Debbie Irwin Says:

    Well done.
    I’m forwarding it now!

  7. Eddie Dawonderful Says:

    can a beard double up as a pop shield? If so, what is the equivalent for FVO’s?