The Business Of Voice Acting

In which I discuss how the voice acting business is, in fact, exactly that.


2 Responses to “The Business Of Voice Acting”

  1. Dan Friedman Says:

    Nice job Corey! That book in the background looks interesting. 😉

    Thanks for that.

    Dan Friedman

  2. Ralph Hass Says:

    “Book ’em, Danno” eh Dan?

    Actually just watched my first full episode of the new “Hawaii Five-O” over the weekend. Leonard Freeman (hmmm…close to Friedman) created the original show in 1968:)

    Corey, Came across your answers to 5 Questions for a Professional Voice Over Talent on Peter O’Connell’s blog. I appreciated your honesty and transparency there – and here.

    All the best from across the border in British Columbia!

    ~Ralph Hass