Monday Morning Marketing Musings

Hello my friends! I’ve been somewhat slow with my blog updates, which is something I really should rectify. I love blogging and I need to really devote more time to it, because I have some good stuff to say- at least I think so.

When you write YOUR blog, is it nothing but shameless self-promotion and “look what I did?” posts? Because that’s such an easy trap to fall into, but people aren’t interested in a list of your achievements. Your friends and family might be happy you got a new gig, or that your latest client loved your work- and make no mistake, that’s very important- but in the end your blog should be about being interesting to your customers and to your peers.

Why peers? Because in the world of VO, oftentimes your peers are your customers and vice-versa. It’s a very small world we operate in and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gotten a job from a fellow VO whose client was looking for a voice like mine. ¬†So take a tip from me and when you step up to the blog editor, have a topic in mind that you want to share information on.

That said, it’s perfectly acceptable (in MY opinion, anyway) to¬†occasionally have a bit of self-promotion. Your blog is where customers come to see your work and it’s good for them to see that you are in fact booking work. Just don’t make it the centerpiece!


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