More FaffCon Thanks

A couple of days ago I posted about FaffCon 4, and included a bunch of “Thank Yous” to fellow Faffers. What I didn’t realize was that I inadvertently published the wrong version of the post- a draft that I had been working on that left out a bunch of really amazing people to whom I am forever grateful. My sincere regrets for the oversight, folks! 🙂

So here’s another round of FaffCon thanks, and if I missed anyone this time I offer my apologies.

Some More Thanks

Doug TurkelYou are an inspiration and I consider you to be a true friend, Doug. Your sense of humor combined with a razor wit are a formidable combination; I still chuckle every time I hear the word “dipthong”. On a personal note, I want to thank you for giving me the perspective I needed about my confidence. It came at the right moment and I am grateful for it.

Matt Cowlrick – It wouldn’t be FaffCon if you weren’t there, mate. I’m looking forward to the next time we can crack a knuckle or two. 😉 Thank you for your friendship and for making FaffCon an even better experience for me.

Bob SouerIf Amy is Faffcon’s mother, you would definitely be its father (Godfather?). Thank you for everything you do and have done to make FaffCon the resounding success it is. Here’s to more of them!

Amy TaylorThank you for being such a generous, kind and warm person. And thank you for sharing your amazing talent with all of us at FaffCon.

Monk Schane-Lydon – I look forward to seeing you each and every FaffCon. You’re a great talent and a good friend and I thank you for both. 🙂

Jeff Simpson – It was such a pleasure to see you at this FaffCon- seeing someone from my first class in voiceover (whose talent I admired from the start) there was a great confidence boost, and I owe you personal thanks for getting me some great contacts!

Connie TerwilligerYour tireless efforts to document FaffCon in photos is sincerely appreciated, and your friendship even more so. You’re an absolute joy to know and work with. Thank you!

Pam TierneyYou work incredibly hard for FaffCon- thank you. I’m both indebted to you for your hard work and grateful to be able to work with you as FaffCon staff. Looking forward to the next one!

Adam VernerAlways a pleasure to meet a fellow audiobook guy, and even more so to get such great insight from a really talented pro. Thank you!

Cliff Zellman – It was a distinct pleasure meeting you, Cliff. I enjoyed each of our conversations and I can’t thank you enough for the great insights you brought to FaffCon.

Trish Basanyi – I can’t say how much fun it is to see you ! Thank you for all you do and for bringing your talent and energy to FaffCon; I always have such a great time when you are around. 🙂

Again, I sincerely hope I didn’t leave anyone out, but I probably did. I can only plead being old and not terribly organized in some ways. But I am and will remain to each and every Faffer for being there to share their “Golden Nuggets” with the rest of us. 🙂


One Response to “More FaffCon Thanks”

  1. Monk Says:

    Corey, THANK YOU! You are one of the CORE(y) members of FaffCon that makes it happen.

    We’ll see you at FaffCon5, and if there’s anything I can do to help out, give a shout.