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Like audiobooks? Want a free one? You came to the right place! I have several books to choose from- All you have to do to get one is ask and get me your email address so I can send you a gifted audiobook via

What’s this?

I’m giving away free audiobooks!

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! These are all totally free. I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to leave a rating or a review when you’ve listened to the book, but there is absolutely no requirement that you do so.

How do I get one?

Simply drop me a note at with your email address and I’ll send you a gifted copy of the book of your choice from the list below. All the gifted copies will be through I will not use your email address for any purpose other than to send your free audiobook.

You have other books?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in the rest of my audiobooks, you can find them all (including the ones I can’t give away today) here.

What’s available?

Without further ado, here’s the list of books to choose from. Only one per person, please.

First, the DeChance Chronicles–  An Urban Fantasy Series

Similar to  Dresden Files, the DeChance Chronicles are a fun urban fantasy series about the eponymous Donovan DeChance. There’s four books in the series:

Heart of a Dragon by David Niall Wilson-Urban Fantasy.

When Anya Cabrera, a Voodoo Houngan in San Valencez California’s Barrio, tampers with the ceremony that draws the Loa to possess the faithful, Donovan DeChance, book collector, mage, and private investigator is contacted immediately. Donovan helps to maintain the balance of supernatural forces in the city – and that balance is in serious danger. The Dragons, a local motorcycle gang, live under a shaky truce with a neighboring Hispanic gang, Los Escorpiones, who are now aligned with Anya. The two groups face off in a battle that becomes more than the Dragons expected.

Vintage Soul by David Niall Wilson –Urban Fantasy.

Donovan DeChance is a collector of ancient manuscripts and books, a practicing mage, and a private investigator. When, despite the finest in natural and supernatural security, a sexy and well-loved 300-year-old lady vampire is kidnapped right out from under her lover’s nose, Donovan is called in to investigate.

My Soul to Keep by David Niall Wilson –Urban Fantasy.

Donovan DeChance is a collector of ancient manuscripts and books, a practicing mage, and a private investigator. He is also a very private man, and he is in love. When he invites his partner and lover, Amethyst, for a quiet dinner, she has no idea of his true intention. Donovan has planned a sharing – a vision that will give her the keys to his early life – the origins of his power – and a lot more than she bargained for. The story leads to the town of Rookwood in 1842.

Kali’s Tale by David Niall Wilson –Urban Fantasy.

When asked to follow in secret as a hot-headed group of young vampires set out on a ‘blood quest’ to kill the ancient who created the young vampire Kali against her will, Donovan DeChance learns that – as usual – there is a lot more to the story than meets the eye.

 Single Books

Half Past Midnight by Jeff Brackett- Post-apocalyptic survival thriller.

The Doomsday Clock gauges the threat of nuclear war. Currently, the clock is set at six minutes before midnight. What happens after the hands reach midnight? Survivalist Leeland Dawcett finds out when he and his family are plunged into the nightmare of their country returned to a third-world state. No phones. No computers. No television. At first, Leeland thinks basic survival is the answer. Until he crosses the path of the wrong guy…Someone who wants to do more than just survive…

Poachers Were My Prey by R.T. Stewart and W.H. “Chip” Gross –Biography/Memoir.

Poachers Were My Prey chronicles R. T. Stewart’s many exciting undercover adventures, detailing the techniques he used in putting poachers behind bars. It also reveals, for the first time, the secrets employed by undercover wildlife officers in catching the bad guys.

Spinning Webs and Telling Lies by David Niall Wilson and Brian A. Hopkins –Short Western-themed horror stories.

This book collects Western-themed stories of horror and fantasy by Bram Stoker Award-winning authors David Niall Wilson and Brian A. Hopkins. This updated digital edition includes all previous errata and the last of the One-Eyed Jack stories, bringing all three into one book for the first time.

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